Monday, November 2, 2009

This is me trying to do an arabesque in my ballet class. I fell on my behind earlier attempting a pirouette. I'm trying to keep everything on my body
from dropping into disarray as time marches on, I have no desire to be a dancer although I love ballet dancers, I will never ever be a dancer.

Sunday, November 1, 2009

Wilson sleeping

I love hot pink roses
the amoire
an embroidered pillow
a patchwork bag
I do alot of creative things, I make crazy pillows with unusual and vintage fabric, I line antique furniture, the drawers and inside of amoires and I make a Handbag here and there when the mood strikes.........here are some photos of each..... the amoire is lined in a slubbed sheer fabric, do you recognize the Russel Wright Pottery on the shelves?

I was in Paris three years ago, I love the Eiffle Tower. I'm going to London in January and I want to go to Paris on the Chunnel, have you ever done the Chunnel before? It's a great way to travel to Paris from London.

Here is a picture of me...........I'm wearing one of those scarf things in black, it is from the Gap, also Gap Jeans